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WhiteKnight offers a range of digital marketing services, including search engine optimization, Google Ads and social media marketing.

As fellow business owners, we strive to keep our prices as affordable while providing same quality service as major agencies. Contact us to learn more.

Affordable but effective digital marketing campaign

Digital marketing package (SEO, Social Media & Ads)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
From $1,000

Social Media Marketing
From $1,000

Google Ads and Social Media Ads
$750 (For ad budget below $5,000)

Digital marketing made simplified

Made for owners who thinking to engage in digital marketing but without the know-how or time, our campaigns are executed by experienced digital marketers with great customer satisfaction over the years in the industry.

We specifically design our campaigns to be minimalist. So, you can continue developing your business while leaving the digital marketing to us.

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Our motivation

With a few unsuccessful start-up experiences, we truly understand how marketing, and digital marketing particularly, can be the life and death of a business. History are meant to be our guide to avoid future mistakes. Therefore, we build WhiteKnight Solutions to bring affordable digital marketing to business owners, helping your endeavour to flourish.

Our diverse marketing team consists of experienced and amateur digital marketers spanning the whole digital marketing field. With creativity and expertise behind us, we support everyone who want to work with us.

Who are we

By two passionate business starters, White Knight began as an aid to other business owners in providing business IT solutions. Over the years, we helped ventures to develop numerous successful IT solutions. But we have also seen IT solutions not being able to reach the public because of a lack of marketing support.

Therefore we developed our digital marketing in parallel which slowly became our key business as this industry become more vibrant in recent years. Deep down, our idea of helping businesses has never fade.

  • Meet James, who has spent his last five years at WK solutions, offering insightful data to our clients. Data from our digital marketing campaigns are not reserved for us only. It is shared to our clients so you can optimise your business while we optimise your website.
    James Donovan
    WK Solutions
  • Meet Jeremy. With experience in information technology, Jeremy brought his outgoing character to digital marketing and executed many successful marketing campaigns.
    Jeremy Gaze
    WK Solutions
  • Meet Henry, our sales manager. With years of experience in client management, Henry worked with over dozens of clients with great customer feedback.
    WK Solutions

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